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Get safer skincare & makeup products into the hands of everyone... 

Decades of studies indicate that serious health issues (including but not limited to asthma, cancer, and infertility) are on the rise and are due in some part to our ongoing exposure to toxic chemicals—whether it’s in the shower, on our commute, while we eat lunch at a local restaurant, or when we clean our kitchens at home.

There are more than 80,000 chemicals on the market today. Many don’t have any safety data. This is particularly true of those used in the skin care and beauty industry. What’s worse is that the Food and Drug Administration (the agency that regulates cosmetics in the United States) allows companies to use chemicals known to be extremely harmful in the products we put on our bodies and on our kids’ bodies every single day, day after day, and to make their own judgments about safety.


After years of research in an effort to find safe and non-toxic skin care & makeup product line for my own skin, I found Beautycounter, a company devoted to progress and committed to a health and safety standard that goes well beyond what’s required by U.S. law. Their mission,  now also my mission, is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. 

Beautycounter is more than a beauty company. By making safer products, educating the public about harmful ingredients, and advocating for more health-protective laws, Beautycounter is building the movement for better beauty.

At Beautycounter, all ingredients are screened rigorously and over 80% of the ingredients in the products are organic, natural or plant derived. To shop or learn more about the story of Beautycounter and its products, please click on the button below.