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Tomatoes and Herbs

Have you been diagnosed with or suspect you may have metabolic dysfunction? Is cancer a health concern because of a diagnosis or a focus on prevention? Are you suffering from chronic pain, fatigue, stubborn weight challenges, digestive disorders, brain fog, mental and emotional imbalances, or sleep disturbances? Do you feel hopeless after experiencing minimal results from various health practitioners and treatment plans? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, please consider what we have to offer.

Precision Nutrition telehealth clinic provides advanced medical nutrition therapy designed to optimize metabolic function and cancer care outcomes. We offer a highly personalized, practical, and effective approach, focusing on restoring digestive function, promoting hormonal balance, enhancing cellular function, supporting systemic detoxification and anti-aging, and nurturing lifestyle modification. We are highly trained and experienced in assisting clients in their quests for optimal health. 

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Jenny Noland, MS, MBA, CNEP, CHC, LDN

Jenny Noland, Functional Nutritionist, MS, CNS, CKNS, CNGS, LDN, MBA

Specialties: Endocrine & Metabolic Function | Integrative Oncology Nutrition

Jenny is the founder of Precision Nutrition and a highly trained functional nutritionist. She's one of the few with multiple board certifications as a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Nutritional Genomics Specialist, Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist, and Integrative Oncology Nutrition Specialist. 

Jenny prides herself on her ability to "connect the dots" by incorporating comprehensive lab data analysis and functional genomic analysis to detect imbalances in the body. Taking a comprehensive approach, Jenny has successfully guided hundreds of clients with complex chronic health issues to overcome their health challenges. 

Emotional and spiritual health often plays an integral role in our health. Also trained as a certified Transpersonal Energy Healing Counselor, Jenny helps her clients release emotional blocks as an essential aspect of reaching optimal health. Her mission is to serve with care, empower, guide, and make a difference in your journey to more vibrant health.

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Medical Nutrition Therapy

All consultation sessions are conducted on a secure virtual platform. Please click the links below for details of our nutrition therapy programs:

Before you sign up, we highly encourage you first to learn if any of these programs are a good fit for you. Please click here for details.

If you'd like to inquire more information about the programs, please click the button below to schedule a no-obligation discovery call.

Blog Posts

Functional lab testing

Precision Nutrition Lab Shop


We provide in-depth analysis of blood chemistry and functional lab results to uncover underlying causes daily. Here are some of our highly recommended cutting-edge lab tests frequently used in our practice:

  • Nutrigenomics testing 

  • Micronutrient testing

  • Comprehensive stool testing

  • Food Sensitivity test 

  • 24-hour urine sex and adrenal hormone testing

  • Toxin Bundle test (heavy metals, chemical toxins, and mycotoxins)


Click the button below to check out the complete list of the standard blood panels and advanced tests provided in our Lab Shop and order lab tests without a doctor's prescription!

Herbal Remedies

Nutritional Supplements  


We use Designs for Health as our #1 preferred supplement brand due to their expertise in creating evidence-based formulations, sourcing only the best natural ingredients, and rigorously testing their source materials and end-products to ensure safety and maximum efficacy. Ordering directly from the manufacturer ensures the highest quality and freshest product and will save money on shipping. Click here to order Designs for Health products and use DFH2023 to receive a 5% discount for all orders placed before the year 2030.

Click the button below to access other recommended professional-grade brands.

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Recipes

An Anti-inflammatory Way of Eating 


On our Recipe page, you will find many recipes that are gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined-sugar-free. Healthy foods can be made delicious. They taste great and, more importantly, reduce inflammation and promote a balanced gut microbiota. 

Healthy Elder Woman



We have had the privilege and honor of working with hundreds of dedicated clients. Please click the button below to see what they say about their experiences working with us!

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