Direct Discounted Blood Work & Advanced Functional Lab Testing

- No doctor is required.

When we visit our doctor, we usually put our trust in our doctor, because they’ve had a lot more training than we have. The problem with this is they were not taught to look at the human body as a functional whole.
Lab testing is generally used to identify the presence or absence of disease, rather than looking for functional imbalances. If you don’t look out for yourself, and learn how to ask for the right types of tests you need, you may be at risk of allowing an imbalance today turn into a disease tomorrow.


To order blood tests, simply follow the following two steps:

Step 1: Go to to place the orders and to obtain the requisition form.

Step 2: Take the requisition form and go to the nearest Quest Diagnostics Laboratory to get the blood drawn. 

Step 3: If you need help to get the test results analyzed, please purchase one of the following two blood chemistry analysis consultation sessions.



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