Metabolic Reset Program

This program is designed for people who suffer from obesity, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and/or type 2 diabetes. The strategies involved include using nutritional therapy, dietary supplements, stress management, sleep enhancement, and specific exercise regimen to reset or better manage glucose and metabolic function.

Scope of the Program:

  • Includes eight 50-60-minute sessions. 

  • Detailed health history review including symptoms, diet, supplements, medications, and lifestyle

  • Comprehensive functional lab analysis based on your recent blood test results (CMP, CBC, diabetes markers, thyroid, iron, etc.) as well as functional lab test results (stool, urine, sex, and adrenal hormone test, mineral, etc.). I have the ability to order advanced specialty functional labs to further assess the root causes.

  • Unlimited hours in and out of sessions analyzing lab results, symptoms, researching and designing personalized step-by-step dietary and supplement protocols as well as a specific exercise regimen.

  • A detailed session summary will be provided after each session as guidance & action plan.

  • I work in conjunction with other healthcare practitioners. 

  • The following detailed instructions are provided:

    • An individualized diet and high-quality supplement protocol I carefully design for managing blood sugar and overall body function 

    • Glucose measuring instructions and blood sugar tracking sheet

    • Low-glycemic food list

    • Wide collection of low-glycemic cooking recipes

    • Instructions on high-intensity interval training

    • Detailed strategies and protocols for improving sleep quality

  • Email support in between sessions to address simple questions.

  • All sessions are conducted through video on my client portal or in-person for local clients.

  • After you finish the program, depending on the progress, you will have the following options:

    • renewing the package

    • transitioning into a monthly 4-session maintenance package for $780

    • by-appointment sessions for $220/one-hour session



All sessions are to be used within 12 months. See the FAQ page for the refund policy.


  • $1,650

  • Payment is due before or at the initial session. Preferred payment methods are cash, check, Venmo, PayPal to Friend, and credit card with a 3.2% credit card processing fee.

How to Start:

Please email at to schedule a complementary 20-minute strategy session.