One-Time Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation

​The Scope:

  • Detailed health history review including symptoms, diet, supplements, medications, medical procedures, and lifestyle

  • Comprehensive functional lab analysis based on your recent blood test results (CMP, CBC, lipid, thyroid, iron, etc) as well as advanced functional lab test results (stool, urine, sex and adrenal hormone test, mineral, etc). 

  • Unlimited hours in and out of sessions analyzing lab results, symptoms, researching and designing personalized dietary/supplement protocols and functional lab recommendations with a focus on anti-inflammatory lifestyle to optimize digestive function, balance hormones, and boost metabolic function.

  • A detailed session summary will be provided after the session as guidance & action plan.

  • I work in conjunction with other healthcare practitioners. Whenever necessary, I will make referrals and also provide letters to your physician's office with my suggestions on lab testing and even medications.  

  • The session is conducted by video through my client portal, FaceTime, or Skype.


  • Initial session: 120 minutes for $380. This includes post-session time for comprehensive lab analysis, dietary and supplement protocol design. After this first session, if you want to continue the care and choose one of the therapy packages, the fee for this first session will be used as a credit towards the total fee of the package you choose.

  • Follow-up sessions: 60-minute session for $225; 30-minute session for $150.

Payment Methods:

Due before or at the session. Preferred payment methods are cash and check, but also accept PayPal Friend, Venmo, and credit card with a 3% extra charge for credit card fee.

How to Start:

Please email at to schedule.



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