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When people start seeking treatment for their irregularities and decide to live a more sustainable lifestyle, then this cosmic lighthouse, Agnitra foundation, which is a spiritual and holistic science-based NGO, while taking a comprehensive approach, is the best place to approach. This foundation had started various services for the betterment of mankind. Services comprised of satvik tantra sadhana remedies, which are the fastest remedy in attaining any solution for your problems. Along with this, the foundation is also running various other services successfully to end various menaces prevailing in society. Another very important service, where agnitra is acting as a torchbearer in the path of providing salvation to people from their pains and sufferings, is ramal astrology readings. This Ramal Astrology is a type of questioning approach that is usually linked to the feelings of the person who is asking all these questions. This methodology is very useful in seeking remedies for the people.


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