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Taking Charge of Your Health:

2019 as Your Most Vibrant Year Yet

Transform Your Life Within Five Weeks

"When you have good health, you have everything." 


Give the gift of good health to your loved ones this holiday season!

You know you should feel better. Are you tired of feeling exhausted, stressed, achy, depressed, irritable, and brain foggy? The symptoms list can go on and on. Are you also fed up after years of jumping from one healthcare practitioner to the next but making so little progress? Or perhaps you are of generally good health but are driven to take your health journey to the next level. How to get there? How do you even get started? If these questions resonate, this program is for you! 


Our body is a precision machine with many components and processes. The various parts need to work in harmony to produce optimal body function. Too often when our body is not functioning well, we fall back on conventional western medicine’s approach of using pharmaceuticals to mask symptoms. Yet we’ve come to realize such methods are insufficient and too often lead to long-term side effects and damage to our body’s systems. So, what is the best approach? 


We passionately believe in a functional medicine approach where we learn how to connect the dots to find root causes and treat our body as a whole system. In this program, we will discuss most crucial pieces in our health puzzle - including emotional health, digestive function, hormonal balance, and the detoxification process – and, more importantly, focus on their critical interconnections. We will provide important insight on the use and analysis of functional lab testing to detect long-standing chronic health imbalances. This will provide you the tools to become your own health detective - to get to root causes and how to best address them.


This is not some “cleanse program” focused on short-term results, but rather an in-depth coaching course with the objective of participants developing a life-long lifestyle that works just for them. It will be a great opportunity to learn AND to apply. We believe the best part of our program is that you will not be alone in the process. Lifestyle change is not easy. You will have the positive support of both the teachers and fellow participants, including a private Facebook group where you can post questions and share insights and experiences. The road to better health starts in January!


Course Outline:

Week 1: Welcome and Preparation Session: 

Since we will spend a few weeks together, this is a chance to meet one another and to get comfortable in the group. We will also give a course overview as well as advising on how to approach this course.

Week 2: Emotional Health

  • Stress management: the mind, body, soul connection

  • The importance of healthy relationships and how to improve them.

  • Meditation Training Session Trail Session 

Week 3: Boosting Digestive Function: 

  • Associations of our gut with other parts of body functions, inflammation and chronic diseases

  • Natural ways to optimize digestive function

  • Gut infections, tools to detect and address them

Week 4: Detoxification

  • The association between environmental toxins and chronic diseases

  • Different types of environmental toxins: foods, medications, water, pesticides, herbicides, household and personal care products, radiations, EMF 

  • Solutions

Week 5: Balancing Hormones

  • Introduction to body endocrine system and how hormones interact with each other

  • Common hormonal imbalances, their symptoms and common causes: thyroid disease, adrenal dysfunction, sex hormone imbalances, blood sugar imbalances

  • How to detect hormone imbalances and how to detect and address them

Your Teachers: 

  • Jenny Noland, Functional Nutritionist, "The Root Cause Detective”

  • Julie Tilt, Transformational Health Coach (https://www.julietilt.com


Date:         January 16th, 23rd, 30th, February 6th, 13th, 2019

Time:         6:45 – 8:45 PM

Location: Hummingbird Stellaria Community Room

Cost:          $349 for all five classes

                   (Sign up before Jan. 1st, 2019 to get early-bird price of $300!)

Click on the image to register: