My Upcoming Workshop: Practical Nutrition for Disease Prevention & Optimal Health - Connect the

Two-Part Nutrition Workshop Series:

Sundays Feb 11 and Feb 25, 2:00 – 4:00 PM (2 hours for each class)

Investment: $45

Registration is required at

Descriptions of the Event:

Many of us recognize that conventional medicine’s focus on treating symptoms is not the best approach for addressing chronic conditions or promoting a healthy life. It has become clear that nutrition and lifestyle decisions provide the key to disease prevention and a lifetime of optimal health. We have the power to significantly improve our health prospects. But we must become better educated, ensuring we have the depth of knowledge necessary to connect the dots and develop into our own health advocates.

In this two-part workshop series, Jenny Noland, functional nutritionist, will help us get on our way to healthier living. Her approach breaks the task down into a few fundamental areas of focus, including digestion and gut health, blood sugar regulation and hormonal balance. Join Jenny as she shares practical information on diet, lifestyle, supplementation and the latest in functional lab testing.

Part I: Digestion and Blood Sugar Management

Jenny will share simple to implement tips on the two key areas of digestion optimization and blood sugar regulation. She will also discuss relevant nutrition information, while sharing thoughts on identifying underlying health issues through functional in-home lab testing.

Part II: A Sound Approach to Hormonal Imbalances: Thyroid, Adrenal, Sex hormones

Jenny’s discussion will focus on hormone imbalances associated with thyroid disease, adrenal dysfunction, and sex hormone imbalances. This will include valuable information on identifying estrogen dominance, a major contributor to breast and ovarian cancer. Beneficial nutrition tips and suggestions will be discussed.