A Quest to Unearth Cleaner & Safer Beauty Products - Part I

During the past few years - on my journey to become a functional nutritionist and build my nutrition practice - I have come to better appreciate that being committed to good health goes so much beyond what we put in our mouths. In my opinion, one of the biggest health challenges we all face is our increased exposure to a multitude of environmental toxins. Toxins in food, water, soil, the air and many household products are commonly discussed. Deserving of much more attention, beauty and personal care products expose us to a variety of toxins on a daily basis. This should no longer be overlooked! Like many women, I’ve spent more money than I care to admit purchasing high-end beauty products. I always assumed that the higher the price the greater the quality - and the better the results. As my knowledge has grown, this belief has begun to shatter.

The more I have researched the more concerned I’ve become about the level of toxicity in many popular beauty products. Alarmingly, there are more than 80,000 chemical ingredients in items that can end up in our homes. Many of these products provide little or no safety information. This is too often the case for chemicals used in the skin and beauty care industry. Worse yet, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA - the agency regulating cosmetics in the U.S.) allows companies to use chemicals known to be harmful. Products we use on our own and our children’s bodies every single day expose us to dangerous toxins.

I knew it was time to make changes! My research led me to EWG - Environmental Working Group. Their Skin Deep Cosmetics Database (https://www.ewg.org/skindeep/#.WrXbAiOZPBk) conveniently provides safety ratings for a large number of products across many brands. What I’ve discovered is shocking! For example, two high-end product lines I have used for years contain highly toxic ingredients. Most upsetting, my favorite lipsticks contain lead. With these revelations, I immediately began a quest to find much safer beauty product lines.

With the help of the EWG’s website, I was able to identify cleaner beauty products. I tried a number of items from several brands. It was somewhat disappointing, as I was generally unimpressed with the quality and results of most products. My quest continued... And then, at recent health summits I attended, several leading health experts strongly recommended two particular beauty product lines: Annmarie Skincare and Beautycounter. I immediately dove in to learn more - and am excited to share my findings:

Annmarie Skincare is a natural, organic, wild-crafted product line. They have a team dedicated to helping people make better decisions about caring for their skin, beauty, and overall health. I’ve tried a few of their skincare products and absolutely love them! Their products smell WONDERFUL and feel so clean and nurturing on my skin. Unfortunately, they currently don’t produce makeup products. I also tried Beautycounter, a company offering a wide spectrum of beauty products including skincare, makeup and assorted personal care items. My efforts have paid dividends! I’m thoroughly enjoying multiple Beautycounter products, including lipstick, lip-gloss, hand lotion, shampoo and conditioner. My experience with both brands so far has been really encouraging, and they’re priced reasonably.

Beautycounter is especially exciting because they are not only devoted to healthier beauty products but are also committed to adopting health and safety standards well beyond those required by law. It’s more than a beauty company. By producing cleaner and safer products, educating the public about harmful ingredients, and advocating for more comprehensive health-protection laws, Beautycounter has created a strong advocacy movement. The company screens all ingredients rigorously, while ensuring that over 80% of ingredients used are organic, natural or plant-derived. I am very impressed with their mission and even joined their movement by becoming a Beautycounter consultant. I want to spread the word and support their mission “to get safer products into the hands of everyone”.

I sincerely encourage you to learn more about Annmarie and Beautycounter products. And if you’re interested, consider joining Beautycounter’s movement by trying their products (and consider introducing them to your family and friends). A cleaner and safer product line is an important facet of better overall health. It would be supporting a good cause: a win-win situation!

I will continue to explore more products from both brands (and others) and plan over the coming months to provide more updates on my experiences. To shop and learn more about Beautycounter products (or even to become a Beautycounter consultant), please visit https://www.beautycounter.com/jennynoland. To shop and learn more about Annmarie skincare products, please visit https://shop.annmariegianni.com.

Stay tuned for part II of my journey to find cleaner and safer beauty products…

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