An Empowerment Program for A More Balanced Body & Mind - A Combo Program for Nutrition Therapy a

Although change comes relatively easy for some, research has shown that making changes to our life style is extremely challenging for most of us. We all have individual experiences, personality characteristics and DNA that play a major role in our relative abilities to implement the type of lifestyle changes necessary to improve our health.

My experience from working with hundreds of individuals is that there is a wide dispersion along the “ability to adopt changes” continuum between “piece of cake” and “impossible!”. From my observation, clients who adopt changes relatively easy tend to be clear about their goals, consider themselves disciplined and organized, and are emotionally ready to implement recommendations. These fortunate ones, however, are in the minority.

For most of us, changing our lifestyles becomes an extremely challenging undertaking. We often confront multiple obstacles that at times can appear insurmountable. If not managed carefully, efforts toward positive change can turn into a negative experience: frustration, finger pointing, making excuses or blaming oneself for being weak or undisciplined. Attempts to force oneself into compliance fail often and leave those individuals crushed and feeling hopeless. Feeling incapable of moving forward, the natural instinct is to give up and get back to “normal”.

Developing motivation for change and finding commitment to our better health and wellness can be a delicate and stressful process. This is especially the case if we feel alone, while struggling with our internal loyalty to seemingly safe and habituated behaviors. To reduce the stress (and significantly increase the likelihood of success) when making the changes to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle, I’m convinced the support of an experienced therapist can make all the difference.

To offer this kind of support, I am teaming up with Katrin Potticary, a licensed clinical social worker and expert in behavioral change with over 30 years of experience. She is adept at understanding the barriers to change, knows how to incorporate powerful tools that empower clients in understanding, navigating and mastering the lifestyle changes necessary for optimal health and wellness. Katrin and I have created this six-week program for those who seek to reset their lifestyle with a focus on empowering themselves with the right tools to achieve both nutritional and emotional balance.

In my personal opinion, it's been long overdue to combine nutrition and psychotherapy. The two modalities together should be a lot more effective for a more successful process and better outcome. To learn more about this program and Katrin's and my background, please go to