Direct Discounted Blood Work & Lab Testing - No doctor is required.

I have had many experiences in the process of analyzing my clients' blood test results where I caught major health condition(s) that have been either on-going but were never detected, or there were signs of body chemistry imbalances that could lead to major health conditions such as stroke, heart-attack, and diabetes, fatty liver, gallbladder stones, cancers, thyroid disease, digestive disorders etc. Some of these conditions can be catastrophic.

These clients suffered from different symptoms related to these conditions for a long time but no one had mentioned a word about it or tried to put the pieces together. This is exactly why I am so passionate about providing functional blood chemistry analysis. Early detection can be life saving and many of these diseases are preventable if we catch the warming signs early.

When we visit our doctor, we usually put our trust in our doctor, because they’ve had a lot more training than we have. The problem with this is they were not taught to look at the human body as a functional whole. Lab testing is generally used to identify the presence or absence of disease, rather than looking for functional imbalances. If you don’t look out for yourself, and learn how to ask for the right types of tests you need, you may be at risk of allowing an imbalance today turn into a disease tomorrow.

Please click on the following link to download a guide to the most frequently overlooked lab tests most doctors don't tell you about, to learn how to order the lab tests without a doctor and how to get my help to get your lab results analyzed:

In great health,

Jenny Noland

Functional Medicine Nutritionist

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