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For Client Prospects:

  • If you would like to get more information on any of our nutrition therapy package program or membership plan, please book a 20-minute "Complimentary Strategy Session". This session is offered only if you are interested in a package or membership plan.

  • If you are interested in booking by-appointment sessions, please see the "For New Clients" section below. Please be aware that the 20-minute "Complimentary Strategy Session" is not offered if you intend to book by-appointment consultations. 


For New Clients:

  • If you would like to book a by-appointment consultation, please head over to the By-Appointment Nutrition Consultations page to purchase a "By-Appointment Initial Consult" first. After the purchase, please come back to this page to book an "Initial Consultation".

  • If you have decided to sign up for a nutrition therapy package, please head over to the Nutrition Therapy Package Programs page to purchase a package and then come back to this page to book an "Initial Consultation".

For Existing Clients:

  • If you are currently in a package program and have had your initial consultation, please book a "Standard Follow-up" session.

  • If you are currently not in a package program but have had consultations with us within the past two years, you have the options of booking either a "Standard Follow-up" or "Quick Check-in Follow-up" session.

  * Any clients who haven't had any consultations over the past two years are considered new clients.

What happens after the booking request is made?

After you make a booking request, we will email you to confirm your request or help you reschedule it if conflict occurs. After your booking request, is confirmed  we will call you at the scheduled time.