Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you accept health insurance?


No. Insurance companies do not include nutritionists or health coaches in their networks. 

2. Do you provide by-appointment sessions? 


Not at this time. I generally work with more complex cases that require a process to sort out root causes and implement lifestyle adjustments. From my experience working with clients over the years, single and sporadic appointments generally have limited success. Consistent and focused coaching regimens are much more effective with a much higher success rate.  

3. Are the sessions conducted in person or through video?


I am comfortable with both. If you are a local client in the Eugene (Oregon) area, you have the option of meeting in person or through video conferencing apps such as Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.  Meetings with remote clients are conducted through video conference.  

4. Am I an ideal candidate for your programs?


If you answer "Yes" to my following questions, then I would consider you an ideal candidate:

  • Are you ready and committed to both receiving the guidance and doing the necessary work to address your health issue(s)?

  • Do you believe in the powerful role that can be played by nutrition and natural modalities? 

  • Do you believe your body has amazing healing ability if given what it needs?

  • Are you willing to make dietary changes and commit additional time to home meal preparation?

  • Are you willing to implement a nutritional supplement regimen to satisfy nutritional needs and optimize your health?

  • Are you receptive to standard (and, in some cases, advanced) lab testing to help uncover root causes of health maladies?

  • Are you willing to follow through with remedial protocols to address nutrition and health imbalances?

  • Do you desire to make difficult changes and to be held accountable?

5. Are these programs refundable?


For all programs that have been paid in full, if for any reason you are unable to compete all sessions, I will refund the remainder of the uncompleted sessions at a rate of $100/session (if the program was paid for in full). 



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