Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you accept health insurance?


No. Insurance companies do not take nutritionists or health coaches into their networks. 

2. Are the sessions conducted in person or through video?


All sessions are currently conducted via zoom. 

4. Am I an ideal candidate for your programs?


If you answer "Yes" to all the following questions, you are an ideal candidate:

  • Are you ready and committed to receiving the guidance and doing the necessary work to address your health issue(s)?

  • Do you believe in the power of nutrition? 

  • Do you believe your body has the healing ability if given what it needs?

  • Are you willing to make dietary changes and commit additional time to home meal preparation?

  • Are you willing to implement a nutritional supplement regimen to optimize your health?

  • Are you receptive to standard (and, in some cases, advanced) lab testing to help uncover root causes of health issues?

  • Are you willing to follow through with remedial protocols to address nutrition and health imbalances?

  • Will you be compliant with the recommended dietary and lifestyle changes?

5. Are these programs refundable?


The purchased sessions are not refundable.