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What Do Our Clients Say?

"I have been a long-time client of Jenny's. I was having severe stomach issues and my Dr. prescribed a very strong medication that I took for 4 months, but without any improvement. Out of desperation, I called Jenny. She ordered some tests and found out I had extremely high levels of H Pylori, which my Dr. should have tested for, plus other issues. I followed her protocol and over time and with a lot of work my stomach and my general health are much healthier. I was a mess. I am so grateful I made that call to this kind and caring lady. She not only is dedicated to helping others she stands by her clients encouraging them along the path of recovery."

- Sandra Garretson

"Working with Jenny for the past year has been amazing! Her knowledge and expertise are incredible in many fields, aspects, and facets of overall health and well-being. I had suffered from thyroid cancer to gut and neurological issues and with comprehensive testing, lifestyle changes, and supplemental and nutritional factors she enforced I have seen vast improvements! She breaks things down in their simplest form so you can better understand and be a team player on your own path to getting well and feeling better! For the first time as a patient, I feel heard. She really takes the time to listen and is always giving her time! I can't wait to continue working with her and see where we go with my health journey!"

- Ashley Bradbury

“I've worked with Jenny for a little over a year now, and it has been life-changing. I feel so much better and have a clear plan for how to proceed in the future with my health. Jenny has a wealth of information at her fingertips, and she's shared that information in a way that's been useful and specific to my needs. She's a good listener, responsive, and easy to interact with. I've both enjoyed my sessions with her and learned more than I could have anticipated. She's been a gift to my life."

- Liz Dooley

"Jenny's assistance and guidance have made an appreciable difference in the way I view and manage my health. She is very knowledgeable about the human body and about allopathic and natural /alternative healing methodologies. I've worked with her for more than a year and benefited greatly from her compassion, counsel, advocacy, focused attention, and personalized care. I highly recommend Jenny as a health ally."

- Grace Kerina

"Jenny, thank you so much for doing what you do. You are kind beyond belief. Your trust, guidance, and caring to calm me down, and give me so much peace and hope."

- Nancy D.

"I seem to have a lot more motivation and energy to do things and that's nice to experience after such a long time. I am so blessed to be working with you! Thank you for connecting the dots and guiding me back to health!"

- Sharon S.

"Jenny is a gifted and dedicated nutritionist who is excellent at identifying and addressing root causes of chronic digestive, adrenal /thyroid, and metabolic disorders by using foods and other natural modalities. She goes the extra mile to do the detective work that it takes to address these conditions. She’s a great ally for you if you’re serious about bringing your body into balance and achieving optimal health."

- Dora W.

"I started working with Jenny in June 2016. I can honestly say that it has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. It has been a life-changing experience, both in my lifestyle and state of mind. I used to suffer from PTSD, depression, anxieties, mild dementia, joint pains, and lots of digestive issues such as diverticulitis, acid reflux, esophageal ulcers, hiatal hernia, stomachaches, frequent vomiting, and diarrhea. Jenny gently guided me in creating a whole new way of living. Not only did she teach me how to cook and eat with a focus on reducing inflammation, but she also carefully designed a supplement protocol for me and has been making adjustments to the protocol regularly, depending on how I feel. Within a pretty short period of time, I started feeling much better. The healthy diet and supplements cleared up my digestive discomforts and I gained emotional and mental clarity.

I was amazed to find myself bounding up staircases, feeling no pain in my arthritic knee and, although I was not trying to lose weight, I effortlessly returned to my high school weight. People commented on how good I looked and I felt twenty years younger. About a year after I started this process, with Jenny’s guidance I was able to wean off of antacid and antidepressant medicine. I have not had the flu or even a cold for the past year and a half.


Jenny’s ability to be non-judgmental, and to serve with compassion and love opened my heart and earned my trust. I was able to trust her guidance in changing my lifestyle, something that I could never have done on my own. Her patience and sense of humor kept me on track when I was tempted to go back to my old habits. I amazed myself at being able to follow a very strict diet, finding inspiration in using recipes Jenny had created and demonstrated. I began to love preparing three healthy meals a day for myself, instead of viewing cooking for one as a waste of time. I now enjoy cooking healthy meals as a way to share love for myself and others and I take great pleasure in what used to feel like a mechanical chore.


Jenny and I have established a wonderful professional relationship as well as friendship. Every time we get together, we not only talk about nutrition but also dive into deep spiritual discussions. It is all connected! Jenny’s insights always help me see things from different perspectives and she’s supported me get through many hurdles that life threw at me. The support I have received from Jenny has gone so much beyond nutrition. It has helped me become a lot more conscious about the mind and body connection and how I am choosing to live the life I have been given. I am now a much stronger person than before both physically and mentally. Following Jenny’s suggestions for my health has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself and the resulting lifestyle changes are invaluable."

- Jen P.

"I am the owner of Eugene Yoga Studio and first met Jenny in 2015 when she was participating in a yoga class. Both as certified yoga teachers and wellness practitioners, we shared an immediate connection. I welcomed the opportunity to work together to bring nutrition education courses into my yoga studio. Through this process, Jenny and I have developed both a very supportive professional relationship and a close personal friendship.


Beginning in March 2016 to the present day, Jenny has hosted multiple individual nutrition workshops and workshop series at my studio covering wide-ranging nutritional topics.

Beyond her knowledge and dedication, Jenny has always been so easy to work with. She and my team collaborate well together, ensuring events are well-planned, marketed, and successfully presented. She is always well-prepared and organized. Jenny is pursuing her life’s passion, always looking for opportunities to learn and share her knowledge. I’ve witnessed first-hand the impact she has had through her workshops and individual health consulting services. My studio team has received wonderful feedback from individuals that attended Jenny’s workshops. For many, it has been a life-changing experience.


 Jenny has volunteered her time to provide health counseling to others who are in much need of help but with limited financial resources. Jenny’s compassion and the desire to be in service for others have touched many of us. She is a valuable addition to the community."

- Diane Butera

"Jenny has been a gift on my journey to improved health and self-care. Her knowledge and approach have provided transparency and understanding of the complex world of nutrition and supplements. She created custom, straightforward steps with a solid plan I could implement at home. Her compassionate, thoughtful attention to understanding me as a person, and not just a patient that is a number, has been such a refreshing change from traditional health care. I’m deeply grateful for the guidance and high-touch support she has provided."

- Angie W.

"Jenny, I am so grateful I contacted you those months ago, you have really been helping me and I am feeling much better! I know I have a long way to go but I feel I will be able to join back in life again as things continue to improve."

- Sandy G.

"You are an absolute treasure, Jenny! You are a wonderful teacher and are so generous with sharing your knowledge. Your passion for your profession is so contagious and I can never thank you enough for all you have graciously taught me."

- Dora W.

"Wonderful! Thank you for the in-depth and comprehensive information. This workshop has opened up a curiosity and desire to advocate for my health and well-being."

- Suzy Kropf

"It was such a pleasure working with Jenny.  She is extremely generous with her time and knowledge.  She worked with me very thoughtfully so as not to overwhelm me but to ensure progress.  My pain, inflammation, and GERD subsided after following her suggested dietary and supplement routine.  I was able to ease my way into healthier habits.  No abrupt changes or drastic implementations.  A great experience!”

- Michelle C.

"I experienced some very stressful and scary symptoms in January 2017.  After a lot of stress and frustration searching for professional help, thank goodness, I found Jenny!  From the very first phone call, she was so genuinely kind, compassionate, and reassuring.  She really listened to me and spent a lot of time talking with me and answering all of my questions.  I immediately felt hopeful.


Then each and every meeting with Jenny has been a great experience and continues to make me feel hopeful and excited about my continued journey to healing.  Jenny has an amazing wealth of knowledge and resources. What I love most is that she has such a rare intuition, genuine eagerness, and desire to research and problem-solving. I never feel like I am in an "appointment" with Jenny. Never rushed, I just feel like I am talking with an old and trusted friend who is fully present. I can't express enough how important her bright spirit, warmth, positivity, and great attitude have helped me to stay positive through the process. I know, wholeheartedly, that it played a huge role in my healing.  Jenny's consistent support through emails and follow-up meetings has been crucial for me to stay on track. I love her gentle reminders and encouraging messages. She always delivers detailed session notes after each meeting which include everything discussed in the meeting, great recipes, tips, and helpful information. 


After a few months of working with Jenny, the main symptoms that caused me so much anxiety are now gone!  I know my body has been healing because of the plan that Jenny has personally developed for me. She is also very good at educating me so that I have the tools to continue to stay healthy and avoid the things that can trigger my symptoms. 

I am so excited about how amazing I feel physically!  I now have more energy and feel more balanced and healthy than I did 20 years ago!  It’s been such a great experience so I plan on continually working with Jenny.


As a business owner myself, I have so much respect and admiration for people like Jenny who go above and beyond with their clientele and who possess such a heart for service. It's life-changing and one of the greatest gifts I (and my family) could ever receive."

- Sylvia C.

"I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to take Jenny’s coaching program. My quality of life has improved and I will continue to implement the information and tools I now have to improve my health. Jenny’s coaching style provided consistent support, motivation, and knowledge in such a timely manner. Now I have an understanding of the causes of various symptoms I have been experiencing. I have also learned lifestyle changes that I will keep making in the future to continue to improve my health and well-being. I do feel better and better every day and a lot more empowered! It is grand! This has been a life-changing experience for me!"

- Cynthia Kocsis

"Jenny is a highly intelligent, conscientious, and compassionate person. She gives her all to her teaching, both by being very prepared and committed to supporting her students. I was so impressed by Jenny’s knowledge and caring approach that I decided to work privately with her to continue the healing journey she inspired me."

- Perry Patterson

"I have been struggling with gut health issues for years. Jenny has been provided positive feedback and support. She’s been available to answer questions quickly throughout the program. She is so knowledgeable of my particular needs and seemed to be of others as well! From this program, I have become to understand how important it is to have proper gut health and how much it affects our overall health and our mind. With Jenny’s guidance, I implemented the Low FODMAPs Diet as well as added proper supplements to my daily routine. She has helped me discover several of the food sensitivities during the program! "

- Tammy Brown

"Jenny is very knowledgeable about all the topics covered in the program. Her weekly presentations were organized, thorough, and interesting. Jenny also generously shared additional information online and through emails outside the classroom and was very helpful and caring when giving individual recommendations. My biggest takeaway from the program is the inspiration to implement significant lifestyle changes in all aspects of my life both during the program and after the program. With the changes I have made with Jenny’s guidance, I now do feel better and a lot more empowered!"

- Susanne Kelley

"Jenny is so passionate about what she shares because she practices what she preaches. It really showed in her presentation. I loved the information on supplementation and feel it is very beneficial. Jenny also gave us good recipes and good directions on how to change our eating habits. With the information I received from the program, I feel more empowered!"

- Lisa Duke

"Dear Jenny, I so want to thank you for the class you gave on establishing an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. I learned so much and I am doing the many things I learned from you and am feeling great. I will continue this way and spread the news to whoever wants to learn and get better. I am looking forward to your cooking class and continuous contact and friendship with you. You make yourself so available which makes it so welcoming to be in touch with you."

- Ingrid Ford

"I loved your class, Jenny! I enjoyed how personable you are and so easy to talk to. I felt validated that I am not imagining my symptoms - the supplement lists: what to remove and what to add, are very helpful and clear. I feel empowered to keep improving, equipped with the kind of information and knowledge I didn't have before."

- Kathy Westervelt

"Jenny is very knowledgeable and generous with the information she shared. I love that what I learned in the program feels like things that I will realistically be able to implement in my life. I feel better physically at the end of the program and am confident that I can continue to make healthier choices."

- Karena Norton

"I loved your cooking class, Jenny!!  Thank you for using organic ingredients that were available on the market. They were so fresh!  You have so much knowledge and experience with gluten-free and grain-free cooking. I appreciate that you could plan varieties of meals based on my work and living situation, my likes and dislikes, and my food allergies. Also, I travel for my work 80% of the time, and thank you for giving me different ideas for preparing different meals that I can take to work!"

- Akiko Johnson

"Hi Jenny, thank you so much for such a wonderful cooking class! I really learned a lot and appreciated all the love and care that you put into it.  I totally enjoyed your cooking class and appreciated the fact that you used very high-quality and fresh ingredients. All of the recipes you chose were practical and easy, along with being anti-inflammatory, which was really what I needed to learn for my everyday cooking."

- Asia St John

"I have had my first stomach pains at the age of 35. Since they occurred intermittently, I didn't get a proper diagnosis or any treatment. It was only 10 years later that I have seen different doctors get insight due to increasingly painful and disrupting symptoms. I knew that digestive issues are very complex and can't be addressed in simple 10-minute doctor visits. I tried different alternative healers, naturopaths, and DOMs. The first person that actually really took the time to talk to me for 90 minutes straight, advised me to take stool and urine tests, and took the time to discuss the results in detail was Jenny. While I was under the assumption that I suffered from SIBO, Jenny's approach revealed that I had a severe case of different types of gut infections including Candida Yeast Overgrowth, four types of parasites, and H. Pylori, probably already for years. Her gut protocols and supplement/diet recommendations first alleviated my profound fatigue, emotional dysregulation, and intense nutrient depletion. We have worked on eradicating gut infections and strengthening my immune system through diet changes and supplement support. 

After one month of hard work guided by Jenny, I quickly felt so much better. The range of food I can eat has been increasing ever since. I am now (6 months later) eating almost all foods and enjoying more energy. I don't have stomachaches except for an occasional discomfort and I am not plagued with anxieties and worry about my health. 

Working with Jenny has been a delight. She is thorough, incredibly knowledgeable, and has a wonderful sense of humor. From the first session on I trusted that I was in the care of someone who will walk with me for the whole 9 yards, while also knowing the terrain from her own experience as well as extensive training and research. Jenny is caring, generous, and truly desires to serve. I am so grateful!"

- Kat P.

"I have found Jenny to be very thorough and comprehensive in both finding the root causes of my conditions and recommending solutions addressing my issues. She is very complete in the use of functional lab testing to detect imbalances and recommending solutions based on the results."

- Mike G.

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