My Approach:

I practice with a functional medicine approach, focusing on the whole person to connecting the dots to sort out a client's health puzzle. My evaluation process includes getting familiar with the details of your health history, current symptoms, lab results, diet, and supplementation, as well as your physical activities and emotional wellbeing. I also have the ability to order both functional and diagnostic lab tests to assist with the evaluation. (Please go to the My Specialties page to learn more about the lab tests I use in my practice.)  All these tools help to identify the root cause(s) of various health conditions. Based on my findings, I will create a dietary plan and lifestyle roadmap designed specifically for you.


While it is a personalized program, the followings are fundamental for me to serve my clients:

  • I am committed to helping you adopt an anti-inflammatory lifestyle that integrates nutrition, exercise, and stress management, focusing on gut health, hormone balances, and reducing inflammation. I deeply believe our digestive system is the gateway to good health, and an anti-inflammatory protocol is key to prevention and recovery, along with slowing the aging process, reducing pain, and boosting energy. 

  • It is also important that I am there for you to provide emotional support throughout the process. We are often our most emotionally vulnerable when we are facing health challenges. There is no doubt that addressing emotional needs is crucial to the healing process.  It will always be integral to my service.

  • I am intensely detail-oriented. When in a session, I am fully present. The Quality of care is always priority one, never the quantity. I spend as much time as needed to research and dig as deep as possible to better understand each case. What is also important to me is to do my best to make it an enjoyable and successful experience for each client. 

  • I consider myself a health and nutrition educator. I don't just tell my clients what to do, but more importantly, why and how. I think it is essential to understand the "why"s to keep ourselves engaged in the process.