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Oncology Nutrition Therapy

"As each individual is a unique metabolic entity, personalization of metabolic therapy as a broad-based cancer treatment strategy will require fine-tuning to match the therapy to an individual’s unique physiology." - Cancer as a metabolic disease: implications for novel therapeutics by Thomas Seyfried

As someone who has undergone the cancer treatment process, I completely understand how scary, daunting, and overwhelming it is to get a cancer diagnosis because I’ve been there. Most patients would rush into the cancer treatment without giving themselves enough time to think it through. It takes years or decades to develop cancer, and the good news is that, in most cases, cancer can’t take lives immediately after the diagnosis. My number one piece of advice is to spend some time pondering various aspects of the treatment and recovery process to develop a personalized strategy. To start this, the first step is to ask and answer the following questions:

  • Do I want conventional, integrative, or holistic cancer treatment? Depending on your answer, your next step is to find a treatment center that is the “best” choice for your specific situation.

  • Regardless of your answer to the above question, the next question to ask yourself is: What natural modalities do I want to integrate during the cancer treatment? These therapies include integrative oncology nutrition therapy, acupuncture, IV therapy, PEMF therapy, ozone therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, energy medicine, etc. Depending on your answer, your next step is to find and reach out to trained practitioners specialized in these areas and discuss the appropriate therapeutic plans with them.


Suppose you are interested in receiving guidance during and after the treatment so that you can learn how to apply nutritional therapy and other holistic therapeutic tools to mitigate the disease-causing symptoms and/or treatment-induced side effects (such as unwanted weight loss, fatigue, nausea, pain, brain dysfunction, neuropathy, etc.) and detoxify your body and rid of harsh chemicals you have been exposed to from the treatment. In that case, you are in the right place.


Who are the candidates for the program?

This program can be a life-changing experience if you are someone:

  • who has an increased risk of developing cancer due to genetic predisposition.

  • who has undergone cancer treatment and needs support for detoxification and reducing the risk of cancer recurrence.

  • who is currently undergoing oncology treatment and wants to apply personalized diet/lifestyle and other natural modalities to mitigate treatment-associated side effects.


What will you get from the Program?

  • Because treating cancer is complex and challenging, the program includes ten 90-minute consultations and email support (for short and easy questions). All sessions must be used within 18 months.

  • In-depth health history review on symptoms, existing lab results, current diet and supplements, medications, and lifestyle.

  • We provide comprehensive lab analysis to analyze blood chemistry and hidden causes of inflammation by assessing nutritional genomic insufficiencies and detecting the load of the body’s toxic burden, food sensitivities, hormone imbalances, and micronutrient deficiencies.

  • We will recommend cancer detection and monitoring tests, which are great tools for detecting tumor activity to prevent cancer, assessing the effectiveness of cancer treatment, and monitoring post-treatment progression to prevent reoccurrence.

  • We spend unlimited hours out of sessions researching, analyzing lab results, and designing a highly personalized dietary plan and healing protocols to enhance body function, address nutrient imbalances, and detoxification with a focus on cancer prevention, treatment side effect mitigation, cancer progression monitoring, and reducing the risk of reoccurrence.

  • After each session, a detailed session summary and helpful handouts are provided as action plans.

  • We will work with your oncologist and other care team members to support you.

  • We will further personalize the program based on your unique situation and needs.

What happens after completing the first round of nutritional therapy?

  • You may move on to the maintenance phase. Details are to be personalized based on the progress.



$4,950 paid in full in advance

Refund Policy:

  • ​If no consultation session has been conducted after the purchase, a refund of $4,550 will be issued after a charge of $300 as a setup and processing fee.

  • After the initial session has taken place, any unused follow-up sessions will be refunded at the rate of $150/session.


How to Start:

It's essential for both you and us to know that the program is a good fit for you. Before you sign up for the program here, please head to the Book Consults page to schedule a 60-minute complimentary discovery call by choosing “Oncology Nutrition Discovery Call". 

We wish you all the strength, courage, perseverance, and the best possible outcome from this journey!

Jenny Noland, MS, CNS, CNGS, CKNS, MBA, LDA

Functional Nutritionist | Oncology Nutrition Specialist

Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist

Board-Certified Nutritional Genomics Specialist

Board-Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist


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