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Digestive inflammation and inflammation in other parts of the body can be really challenging to deal with. The level of the pain can be different for each individual, even with a mild degree, it can affect your mood, your physical ability, your concentration, and your confidence. One of the most effective dietary tools to help lower the inflammation both in your gut and the whole body is to use Golden Milk in your diet. 

  Juices and smoothies are popular options nowadays as snacks and meals. It's easy to make and the best part is you can add anything you like in them. Because it is in the liquid form, it is very easy to be absorbed by our digestive tract. So it is highly recommended for people who suffer from digestive disorders and are in the phase of gut repair. If you use the frozen veggies and fruits, make sure to use hot water or hot coconut milk to bring up the temperature so that it is not too cold. 

An practical daily regiment to support detox and alkalize your body. It provides a long list of health benefits. It reduces inflammation, boost immune system, detox and alkalize your body, prevent cancer, reduce weight & waist line, support brain & heart functions, reduce blood sugar, lower blood pressure, and boost energy.

A great breakfast and snack option. Involving super foods, raw vegetables and fruits as well as probiotics. It is not only detoxifying but also filled with enzymes that can help with the digestion. 

Another great smoothie option that is not only anti-inflammatory but also packed with probiotics, protein, fiber, omega-3 fatty acid and minerals. Absoluely delicious and detoxifying!

Filled with anti-oxidants, fiber, vitamins. Reduces inflammation and super detoxifying. 

Lot of good fat, fiber, and protein that will keep you full for a long time. Reduces inflammation.

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