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  • A 90-minute consultation including a detailed health history review (symptoms, diet, supplements, medications, medical procedures, and lifestyle).
  • Comprehensive functional lab analysis based on recent blood test results (CMP, CBC, lipid, thyroid, iron, etc.). If necessary, we can also make recommendations and order advanced specialty lab tests (stool, urine, sex and adrenal hormone test, mineral, etc.).  
  • Unlimited hours in and out of sessions analyzing lab results and symptoms, researching and designing personalized dietary/supplement protocols and lab recommendations focusing on anti-inflammatory lifestyle to optimize digestive function, balance hormones, and enhance metabolic processes.
  • A detailed session summary will be provided as an action plan after the session.
  • All sessions are conducted via zoom.


Important Note:

After you purchase, please head over to the "Book Appointment" page to book your consultation.

By-Appointment Initial Consult (90 minutes)

  • Once the order is placed, it can not be returned.